be martha fit 2.0

Your body is constantly changing!
You deserve a personalized program that addresses your needs-

Without Restriction!

Your wellness journey is more than a meal plan! A monthly subscription program that addresses THE WHOLE BODY! Food, Mindset & Workouts.

Does This Sound
Like You?

  • Are you doubting you will ever be able to lose the weight and keep it off?
  • Do you feel RESTRICTED (all or nothing) every time you “diet”?
  • Are you tired of working out and NOT seeing results?
  • Are you tired of spending money on pills & supplements that DO NOT work?
  • You want a plan that fits into YOUR lifestyle so you can still be social!
  • You want someone to keep you motivated and support you!

Stop doubting!
And say YES to your new lifestyle!

Clients Who Said YES to a New Lifestyle!


We start together Monday, December 5

Here's How We Help You BE FIT!

Weekly, Easy-to-Execute Meal Plans

customized meal plan

As you age, your body requires different foods in order to shed fat.  We specialize in personalized meal plans based on age, current health, or medical diagnosis.  

PLUS:  Each meal plan is personalized with MANY options for both meals and snacks!  

  • You & your family can eat the same foods!      
  • LOVE TO EAT OUT?  We’ll give you a list of restaurants and guidelines so you never feel restricted!

Monday Mindset Reboot Sessions

Mindset Monday

Our Mindset Monday Reboot videos are uplifting and insightful!  

  • REBOOT videos guide you to love the body you’re in, at any size! 
  • Each reboot video contains a thoughtful call-to-action so you’re continually learning how to make this lifestyle sustainable

Weekly, Small-Group Coaching

Your Coaching staff is always available to you!  And when you need a little extra encouragement, have personal questions or need a more intimate sense of community, join our Zoom Room!

  • Get face-to-face advice from your coaches
  • Meet and form friendships with other clients on the same unique journey as you
  • Feel supported and cared for by every member and coach.   You’re never “just a number” to us!

Accountability & Movement Challenges

Easy fast workouts

Accountability and community are vital to your weight loss journey. 

  • Participate in daily challenges that not only keep you accountable but also challenge you to move your body!



Here's Our PROMISE to You!

Experience changes in your body composition in JUST 30 days!

You’ll take progress pictures at the beginning & end (only your coach will see these).  PLUS, you could win a FREE MONTH!

Learn how to quiet negative thoughts & LOVE who you see in the mirror!

You will strive for HEALTHY versus SKINNY and learn how to love yourself in every phase of your journey!

Be amazed at how incredible your body feels by moving it a few times a week!

You won’t need a ton of equipment, a gym membership or fitness knowledge.  Coach Martha will provide you with modifications no matter your fitness level.

You Choose Your Flexible Meal Plan

Meal plan options are described below. Read carefully and choose your meal plan. Once you register we cannot change your meal plan.
Every month, you will receive a NEW meal plan.

LOVE EATING OUT? We'll provide you with a restaurant list and guidelines!

LOVE TO COOK? Great! We'll provide you with a full recipe pack each month!

Watch & Engage with the Weekly Mindset Reboot

Mindset reboots will drop onto the Facebook Group Page every Monday morning throughout the month! Watch the coaching video and follow the exercises!

Transforming is much more than a number on the scale.

You have to LOVE who you are during every phase of your journey!

Coach Martha will teach you how.

Commit to Moving Your Body 2 Times a Week with Coach Martha

Workouts (OPTIONAL) for the week are dropped onto the Facebook Group Page every Sunday afternoon so you can plot your entire week. Each workout includes a downloadable PDF and video lead by Coach Martha.
Coach Martha will also provide modifications for all fitness levels.
Each workout is less than 20 minutes long! You choose when you want to complete your workout.

I am a double certified Nutritionist, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Olympic Weightlifting Trainer. When I lived in Virginia I owned and operated my own CrossFit gym.

Gotta be honest, what I loved the most was working with women who just wanted to move their bodies. I never cared about how much weight or how many reps someone could achieve

My passion has been about programming workouts and watching women push themselves harder and further than they did the day before.

Since moving to Florida, my focus has been about teaching women how to eat for weight loss and sustain it for a lifetime.
What I'm most excited about with Be Martha Fit 2.0 is the WHOLE BODY APPROACH to health and wellness---food, mindset and moving our bodies.

My coaches and I are excited to transform your WHOLE BODY!


You are responsible for picking the plan that best describes YOU.

No changes can be made once you choose your meal plan.  

Be Martha Fit 2.0 is an 8-week subscription wellness program.  If you wish to cancel you must email the BE FIT SYSTEMS team by the 24th of your second month otherwise you are auto-enrolled in the upcoming month. 


No worries.  Send the team an email, outline what meal plan you’re considering and any concerns you have and the team will assist you.  Email:

While we suggest that you avoid alcohol as your body will “shut down” to metabolize the drink (up to 24 hours), if that’s something you want to work into a treat meal, then do it.

YES!   In fact, we suggest that you schedule a small treat meal after your leg-day/lower body workout.  If you aren’t working out with the program, then we suggest you schedule a small treat meal after between weeks 2 and 3.

YES!  We offer a men’s meal plan.

No worries.  We will provide you the best tips and tricks to stay on-plan while you travel.  PLUS, all the workouts can easily be completed with access to a hotel gym.

No–it’s not.  We give you a solid meal plan that is easy to follow, but you can always make your own choices.   The priority is always PROTEIN first, followed by veggies, then your energy source- complex carbs or health fats!

NO!   While this is a whole-body wellness journey, it does not have to include supplements.  Coach Martha will suggest supplements, but she will also explain the science behind the supplement.  It is your choice if you add it to your daily regime.  With all supplements, it’s your responsibility to ensure they will not adversely affect any prescription meds you take.

Great question.  With the NEW BeMarthaFit 2.0, no you don’t have an individual coach, however the coaching staff will be HIGHLY available to you on our closed Facebook support group.  Plus, you won’t want to miss our LIVE (via zoom room) COFFEES and CONVOS small group coaching each week.  Cant make the LIVE?  No worries, you can watch the replay.   HOWEVER, if you feel you need your own coach, you can add that service while you check out for an additional $55/month.  

No, you do not.  We will outline intermittent fasting options for you, but we will also outline NON-intermittent fasting eating schedules.  YOU PICK what is best for your lifestyle.

Absolutely!  You will likely want to continue the program for several months in a row in order to achieve your weight loss goal.

You can cancel after your initial 8-week commitment but before the 24th of each month.  If you do not cancel, you are auto-enrolled into the upcoming month.  To cancel, you must email the team:  

Cancellations are not accepted after the 24th of each month.

Absolutely!  We promote a dairy-free diet.

At the current time, we do not offer vegan or vegetarian meal plans.

Your monthly investment includes your personalized meal plan, weekly mindset reboot video training sessions, small group coaching and weekly movement/accountability challenges.

Each month, you’ll receive a brand new meal plan and recipe pack.  We never repeat!

Plus, each month has different mindset REBOOT video trainings and NEW workouts.

The bottom line, each month is different!

Yes.  But rest assured, only the Coach Team will see these.  And for the biggest visual transformation, you could win a FREE month!

Within your meal plan file, you will receive a monthly goal sheet, place to track your weigh-ins and workouts.   So while you aren’t weighing in via an APP or coach, you will use this sheet to track your progress.  Remember, everyone’s body will transform–some will do it faster than others, but rest assured, if you are following the program, you will transform.

Every Decade Requires Different Knowledge to Lose Weight!

Grab my freebie and discover the best ways to overcome weight loss challenges in your 30’s, 40’s, 50s and beyond!