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TODAY is the best day to start your journey!

I was an ambitious and hard-working Mom to 7 kids.
I was a step-mom, a wife, an executive for a national TV show.

I hid my insecurities in great clothes and beautiful hair!

And my self worth was based on my job title and the money I made.

But nothing was filling the hole in my heart--
feeling like a lean women, stuck in a fat woman's body!

Martha is an eductational and motivational speaker.

She teaches the importance of fueling our bodies, by telling her very raw and real story of struggling up until her 40th birthday when she was labeled MORBIDLY OBESE.

Martha is comfortable speaking with smaller groups like women's retreats but also shines in front of hundreds!

She's funny, attention grabbing and authentic with the very imperfect journey of losing weight and keeping it off!

Martha is a true performer.

No matter the attendance size, she works the crowd, makes each one of them feel special and is brilliant at pointing out every woman's beYOUtiful side.

I'm so excited that you are going to join us and trust us with your FINAL weight loss journey!

Here's what's important!

I am a NESTA & Spencer Institute double certified Nutritionist.

I take your success personally!

“Martha’s book, Be You Tiful:  Heal Your Relationshipw with food is the perfect compliment to any weight loss journey!  No wonder it was #1 on Amazon!  So authentic, real and inspiring!”

“This book is an easy and great read because Martha is really transparent about her journey.   She makes the journey fun.   I’ve been with Martha for 15 months and have changed my every day health habits.”

“This book is packed with information on how to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods resulting in not ony weight loss, but increased energy and confidence.”  

It's very hard to put into words what is so incredibly challenging for those of us who struggle! This is the first time I have ever read a book that laid it all out there with courage and hope.

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