The Best Supplement to Kill Afternoon Cravings!

Afternoon cravings can make or break a day, week or month of weight loss progress!   And while you know I preach there are NO magic pills, I do want to tell you a personal secret that will help you!

We all have a hormone in our body called LEPTIN!    Leptin is an appetite suppressant. When everything works the right way, it helps you maintain a healthy weight by balancing the amount of food you eat with how much fat you have. More specifically, high leptin levels tell your brain “your fat cells are full,” which makes you less hungry.

So the big question is, how can we activate our own leptin so that we feel full and don’t devour candy bars, chips, dips and even alcohol?

First, as I always say, you have to FIX YOUR FOOD.  If you are already eating a meal plan that is comprised mainly of whole foods, nutrient dense foods or even single ingredient foods, you are on the correct path.   But if you’re already eating this way (which is the best way to fuel your body) and you’re still dealing with what feels like, uncontrollable cravings, listen up.

Let’s add in a little “helper” for our natural leptin.   By adding in my personal favorite supplement we will boost our leptin and balance our body’s energy, regulate our appetite, body weight and metabolism.

So here is my personal secret, which I often share with my BE FIT SYSTEMS clients!

Meet Leptisense!  Here’s the quick link:  https://bemarthafit.jaylabpro.com/Shop-Our-Store.html

Now this is what the supplement, Leptisense, from my friends at JayLabPro, actually does inside our body:


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