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Finally a WHOLE BODY approach to wellness & weight loss

Be Martha Fit 2.0 is a monthly subscription program that addresses your food choices, your mindset and optional weekly workouts.

Registration for Be Martha Fit 2.0 is open NOW.   We start together, January 3.  

You’ll enjoy tasty macro meal plans, weekly mindset video coaching with Coach Martha & 3 optional video workouts per week.   All fitness levels welcome.


  • Weekly Happy-Hour Lives with Coach Martha
  • Restaurant Guide for Eating Out
  • Bonus Recipes and Mocktail Recipes


Our 30-day meal plans are personalized to YOU.  You’ll receive a weight-loss meal plan that you can use NOW or after the holidays!  You choose.

Each meal plan has many tasty options for all meals and snacks. 

But don’t wait to grab this deal.   We only offer 30-day meal plans once a quarter. 

NORMALLY $150, NOW ONLY $99 through Dec 11th.  

ONE-ON-ONE Coaching

A 1-on-1 EXCLUSIVE 16-Week Experience with Head Coach
Martha VanCamp

Lose weight for the last time.  This is the perfect combination of weight loss, executive coaching & education.

You will work directly with Coach Martha for 16-weeks.   You will receive highly customized weight loss meal plans every two weeks, that will fit into YOUR lifestyle and are sustainable long-term.

Plus, you and Coach Martha will text daily, meet on Zoom every two weeks and Martha will work one-on-one with you to nutritionally educate you.  

Coach Martha is not currently taking NEW CLIENTS for this program.  Click below to join the waitlist to start in February.

ONLY ONE SPOT REMAINS open for our Dec 13th BeYoutiful Program


restore your CONFIDENCE, inspire you to prioritize your HEALTH

and live a life fueling your body with the right food!

I want you to LOVE who you see in the mirror & lose the weight for the VERY LAST TIME!

Every woman tells me they want to lose weight,

but what you really want is to be confident and self-assured!

YOU deserve to uncover the most BeYoutiful version of you!

Not sure where to start or which program is best for you?

I get it! You want the biggest results for the money you are spending on YOU!

Text me and we'll set up a 15 minute call!



Deprivation and starvation will not work. .

You need to enjoy what you're eating.

You need to stop feeling guilty, and exercising to excess!

And you need to rewire your brain so you no longer use food for comfort, stress, emotionally-charged moments or anxiety.


You need more than a meal plan!

You don't need a one-size-fits-all approach.

You don't need another quick fix.

You need personal & direct access to highly educated, highly certified, compassionate and empathetic Nutrition Coaches.

You need me to guide you, educate you and show you how this new lifestyle can be maintained.





This is what I want for you, right now.

And I’m going to show you how it’s possible!

You will regain confidence.

You will feel sexy and assured in your own skin.

You will lose the weight and learn how to eat for the rest of your life!

MARTHA'S STORY: I was the first client!

Hey there, it’s Head Coach Martha.  I wanted you to know that I FULLY UNDERSTAND the emotional and sometimes, frustrating journey to losing the weight for the last time!

Always remember, I was my FIRST CLIENT.   So I’ll never ask you to do anything I didn’t do to lose 100+ pounds.

PLUS-I am proof you can MAINTAIN your loss, for life!

Val's Story

Val is 52 years young and has lost over 100 pounds and now works to maintain her lifestyle.

Val has a 10 pound "maintenance window" that she is learning to work with.

Helen's Story

In 15 months, Helen lost 100 pounds and is now continuing to lose even more.

Helen came to BE FIT SYSTEMS during COVID and was worried about her general health. After a consult call, Helen committed to investing in herself and has worked the plan every day.

Carly's Story

Carly is 25 years old and has already lost 40 pounds! And is continuing on to her goal!

Carly is always on-the-go and works in the construction business.

Her first goal was to slim down for her wedding.

Beth's Story

Beth is a Mom to two busy teenagers and works full-time with her husband's business.

Beth was pre-diabetic and now has lost 40 pounds.

Her biggest goal was to break the generational weight-gain she had experienced in her family, growing up.

Brittney's Story

Brittney is 33 and is diagnosed with PCOS so she's really struggled with losing weight, until she came to BE FIT SYSTEMS!

She has now lost over 100 pounds and is full of confidence.

Jen's Story

Jen is in her late 40's and is a busy school teacher! She's also a wife and mom to two boys.

Jen has lost over 100 pounds and is maintaining her loss even through hormonal shifts.

I am a double certified Nutritionist from Spencer Institue and NESTA


I spent 4 decades overweight and at times, morbidly obese!

I tried every diet and wasted thousands of dollars every time.

Then I gave up and decided I would become my own health advocate

and do the research on my own!


And, I’ve maintained that loss for nearly a decade!


You can close this page and forget everything you've read.

Continue living your life halfway, experiencing life at half-speed.

Your choice.

There are many ways to uncovering the most Beyoutiful version of you!

1. Go all-in with my NEW program and receive EXCLUSIVE 1-on-1 coaching with Head Coach, Martha.

2. you can subscribe to our monthly BE FAST Program.

3. Start by creating your own meal plan

This high-level coaching program
is for you if:  

You are tired of bouncing from diet to diet and wasting money!

You feel like you have to punish yourself after eating something “bad.”

You don’t feel confident, self-assured or even sexy in your own skin!


  • Work one-on-one with Head Coach Martha VanCamp
  • The entire 16-weeks, you are a VIP client with all-access to Martha via zooms, and text messaging
  • You will receive highly-customized meal plans every 2 weeks
  • You will meet with Martha every 2 weeks via zoom
  • You can text Martha daily & she will be checking on you throughout the week
  • Martha will, personally, track your progress.  No need for you to join a Facebook group or even download an APP

YOU ARE A VIP-CLIENT with all-access
to martha

Every 2-weeks we will:

“Martha’s book, Be You Tiful:  Heal Your Relationshipw with food is the perfect compliment to any weight loss journey!  No wonder it was #1 on Amazon!  So authentic, real and inspiring!”

“This book is an easy and great read because Martha is really transparent about her journey.   She makes the journey fun.   I’ve been with Martha for 15 months and have changed my every day health habits.”

“This book is packed with information on how to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods resulting in not ony weight loss, but increased energy and confidence.”  

It's very hard to put into words what is so incredibly challenging for those of us who struggle! This is the first time I have ever read a book that laid it all out there with courage and hope.

Let's get Beyoutiful with this holiday sale! 🎄💪

That's right! We merrily announce that our one-time Meal Plan is on sale for only $99 from Dec 6–Dec 11! Use it NOW or after the holidays. Either way, there are TONS of options for all meals, including our restaurant guide, to stay on plan!

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Restore your CONFIDENCE and feel inspired to prioritize your HEALTH 💪

We want you to love who you see in the mirror & lose weight for the VERY LAST TIME! Plus, we have created a better way to have a healthy relationship with food. Experience Daily Texts with Coach Martha, Weekly Weigh-ins & Progress Measurements, Access to Martha's Personal Network of Hormone Doctors and Licensed Therapists, and MORE!

🎄 ONLY ONE SPOT REMAINS open for our December 13th BeYoutiful Program 🎄
Join and start on December 13th or January 10th.

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Happy Thanksgiving, BeFit Fam!

No matter how you're spending your holiday, make sure to build memories and surround yourself with love. We are thankful for each and every one of you and are proud of your journeys 💙

👇 Tell us what you are thankful for today and every day👇

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Meet Head Coach– Martha VanCamp (@bemarthafit) 💪

As a NESTA & Spencer Institute Certified Nutritionist and WFLA Health Advisor, you could say she knows a thing or two about weight loss and nutrition.

"I was an ambitious and hard-working mom to 7 kids. I was a step-mom, a wife, an executive for a national TV show. I hid my insecurities in great clothes and beautiful hair, and my self-worth was based on my job title and the money I made."

After losing 105Ibs, maintaining that loss for 10 years, and creating 3,500 Customized Meal Plans– She has created BeFitSystems, which was created to uncover the most BeYoutiful version of you! 💙

We love you, Martha!

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Meet Carly 💪💙

Carly is 25 years old and has already lost 40 pounds! And she still is striving toward other goals! She works in the construction business and is always on the go, which can make nutrition more difficult. So she made her first goal to slim down for her wedding– and she CRUSHED that goal!!!

Now it's YOUR turn! Find a program that's right for you by clicking the link in our bio or send us a DM! 🍽️

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💪 2,403 Clients Helped
💪 134,568 Pounds Lost
💪 8 Average Pounds Lost per Month

Restore your confidence, inspire yourself to prioritize your health, and live a life fueling your body with the right food. We want you to LOVE who you see in the mirror & lose that weight for the VERY LAST TIME!

Not sure where to start or which program is best for you? DM us and we will set up a 15-minute call! 📲

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It's getting a bit more chilly this time of year! You know what that means?

Hibernation... or what we like to call laziness. 🐻😴

It's easy to get lazy around this time, with the holidays and weather and all. But do not fall for the trap! Here are some tips to keep you energized, awake, and healthy while everyone else is snoozin' 💪

Pssst... We only accept limited clients for our BeYOUtiful 16-week program, so there is always a waitlist! Learn more about our fabulous 16-week experience and join the wait!
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Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate 🍫

In moderation, of course, but nevertheless– It's #NationalChocolateDay, and we will certainly indulge in some chocolatey goodness. That's because dark chocolate can greatly reduce several risk factors for heart disease while also lowering cholesterol.

Although this may not be an everyday indulgence because it's still loaded with calories and is easy to over-eat, it's got some great stuff in it! Treat yourself today to a piece (or two) of your favorite dark chocolate! We already have... 😋

Psssst... Our next round of #BeFast Intermittent Fasting starts in November!
Join now👉 BeFitSystems.com

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How does #BeFast work? It's simple!

STEP 1: For the first time ever, we have TWO PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM. You can join for just November or ENROLL NOW for November & December and SAVE 💰

STEP 2: Pick your meal plan & register! It’s just that easy. No lenghty on-boarding process! 💪

STEP 3: Commit to the program—it works if you work the plan. Remember that you will continue to crush your goals with our meal plans, recipes, and coaching each month!

Our next round of #BeFast Intermittent Fasting starts in November!
Join now👉 BeFitSystems.com

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Intermittent Fasting WORKS 💥

From Be Fit Systems head coach & author, Martha Vancamp, our intermittent fasting monthly program is a balanced approach to hit your goals! 💪

Our next round of #BeFast Intermittent Fasting starts in November!
Join now 👉 BeFitSystems.com

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From Be Fit Systems head coach & author Martha Vancamp, our intermittent fasting monthly program is a balanced approach to hit your goals! 💪

Our next round of #BeFast Intermittent Fasting starts in November!
Join now 👉 BeFitSystems.com

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Here at BeFitSystems, we understand the importance of a HEALTHY and HAPPY relationship with food– and yourself! Even if we were to take weight loss entirely out of the equation–food is fuel.

And your bod needs nutrient-dense foods to become healthy and happy! 🫐 😁

It is past time to build a healthy and happy relationship with food.
👉 Click the link in our bio to get started and join our NEW 16 week Beyoutiful program!

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